Steven Knight

Singer, Songwriter


The journey for singer/song writer Steven Knight began in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Knight, the 3rd child from a family of 4 siblings, developed a love for music very early. His earliest memories of singing included everything from choirs and choruses, to things as simple as mock concerts he would put on for his family for fun. As he grew older, Steven continued to nurture that gift and develop his craft when he joined his high school show choir in his senior year. Though Knight possessed an immense amount of raw talent, this experience would assist in developing the amazing showmanship and stage presence he is known for today. As time passed, Steven began writing and recording his own material, and while attending Virginia State University, he would participate in various talent shows and music projects. 

Upon graduating from college, Steven relocated to Atlanta, GA to take advantage of the budding music scene where he could network and increase his visibility. Three months after moving, Knight caught the eyes and ears of Atlanta-based Independent label, God Dynasty Entertainment, and was signed shortly thereafter. During this time, Steven obtained management and began working with Vocal Coach, Donis of Marvelous Enterprise, respectively. With these new endeavors on the horizon, Knight began recording and developing his distinctive sound while also making a name for himself around the Atlanta area through performances at various showcases. Knight parted ways with GDE in 2007 to pursue other opportunities, but continued performing and recording vigorously in hopes of taking the industry by storm.

The music business itself has been a diligent teacher for Steven Knight, guiding him through many obstacles, while providing valuable lessons along the way. Throughout his journey into the industry, Knight continuously encountered broken promises and pipe dreams that never seemed to work out. Though discouraging, it lead Knight to do something he had never done before, take complete control of his career. Knight decided to fund and develop his own project, which would in turn showcase exactly who he was as an artist via his ideas, unique style, and signature sound. To assist with production and recording, Knight enlisted the help of local talented producer Terrell King.  In June 2009, Knight released his promotional EP entitled Knight Life which featured the titled track "Knight Life" and R&B ballad "Tryin".  Both songs charted on various independent radio stations and ?Knight Life? reached Number 2 on the Westside Will Countdown.

 The summer 2010 began what would seem to be a positive turn in Steven?s music career. While performing at a local music festival, Knight attracted the interest of a private investor who expressed possibly funding Steven?s music career.  Three months later, the two developed a partnership and began working on Knight?s debut album after recruiting the help of talented producer Feenix Eletrik.  At that same time, Knight obtained a distribution deal through JMD Records/INgrooves, a partner of Universal Music Group.   The music is said to stay true to Knight's roots and many musical influences that fans have come to love, but it will also reflect a new sense of urgency and struggle, no doubt a product of the many trials he encountered along the way. Knight was nominated for the 2010 ATL Hottest Entertainment Award's Future Superstar which would be his first award nomination.

 In January 2011, Knight with the help of his team of 6, launched The Steven Knight Show, a brand new show on EOTM Radio that provides the latest in entertainment news, sports, fashion, movies reviews, interviews and music.  Since its debut in late January 2011, The Steven Knight Show has attracted a record breaking number of listeners for the EOTM Network.

Later 2011, Knight released the ?buzz? single ?Forever? which was well received by his fans internationally.  He was later nominated again for ATL Hottest Male Vocalist and ATL Future Superstar.  Recently, he was nominated for Hottest Internet Radio Show, Hottest Male Vocalist and ATL Future Superstar.  He was also nominated for a 2012 GA Award for Best Male Vocalist. He would go on to release the singles ?Addicted To Love? in August 2012, "Let U Go" featuring rapper Nayir Leone in May 2013 and recently in November, he released the ballad "Never Know".  His debut album A Day In The Knight is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2014. Through all of the ups and downs and broken promises, one thing is for sure - what the future holds for Steven Knight is yet to be determined, but one thing?s for sure, the best is yet to come.